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    One of the biggest questions a person faces when buying a car is whether they should purchase a new model or a used one. There are various arguments that can be made for both sides, and in many cases it just comes down to personal preferences.

    However, not everybody actually considers the full facts when purchasing a vehicle. They can be swayed by pretty colours, deceiving prices and conniving salesmen. Our aim is to provide you with some solid information which will hopefully allow you to make the right choice. In this case we’ve given our top reasons for buying a used car.


    With many other driving expenses to pay for such as road tax, MOT and servicing, insurance and fuel, why not save some money on the actual list price of your vehicle? You will pay a lot less for a second hand Fiat Punto car than a brand new Ford Fiesta.


    Remember that as soon as you purchase a new vehicle, it immediately becomes a used vehicle and as such you are certain to lose money should you come to sell it years down the line. Used cars depreciate much less quickly however; you could buy one and drive it for a year, then recoup nearly the full price you paid for it.

    Cheaper Parts

    Should you have an accident or a collision which is your fault, you may have to pay for a new bumper or something else. Used car parts are much cheaper than new ones.

    More Options

    There is significantly more choice when purchasing a used car. If you are set on a Ford Focus, there is only ever going to be one new model at a time where as you can choose from several different generations if you opt for a used one. If you are set on buying new but don’t want to pay it off in one go there are some great car loans out there that you can take out and pay back gradually on finance.


    Insuring a new vehicle can rather pricey, especially if it is a premium car such as a Mercedes or BMW. You will save £££s on the insurance premium for a used model.used-fiat-punto-013545370995227