• Why buy a depreciating second hand car when you can Lease the new car of your dreams!

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    These days there is no excuse for getting a bad deal on a car. The internet has forced dealers into being transparent, and gives the consumer power in that they can have access to deals across the country. So the first thing that you have to do is accept that the best way to lease a car, is to take a little bit of time to do some research and make sure you understand exactly, the contractual agreement you are entering into. Thankfully this is easily do, in my case all I did was search contract hire Seat Alhambra and the first result gave me numerous options and lease deals to choose from.

    If you are new to the idea of leasing a car, essentially it gives you the chance to drive a brand new car every couple of years. Obviously new cars are a pretty expensive purchase for a lot of people, and the fact that the resale value drops so rapidly puts a lot of people off. However there are so many benefits to driving a new car, mainly everything works! Then obviously there is the luxury of having up to date tech etc, and you shouldn’t have to worry about huge service bills. Obviously there is a cost involved, take my example again, on a personal car lease Seat Alhambra, there was a pretty big margin for prices.

    The SEAT offer I got worked out at 23 payments of £352 after an initial payment of £3404. Obviously the £3404 was a hit, but I had saved enough money over the course of the year for a car so I could cover that and had some left over to go towards the monthly payments. So now I have a new Seat Alhambra 2.0 TDI CR S [150] 5dr DSG. To me that seems incredible, and until I researched it I would have thought it impossible for me to afford to drive a car like that. The only thing I would warn is make sure you are looking at the personal deals, at first I was browsing business car lease Seat Alhambra deals, and they are a fair bit cheaper than the personal ones, so I was a little disappointed when I realised I wasn’t eligible for those deals.

    Nevertheless my Seat Alhambra personal contract hire is more than affordable and I am loving it. So literally all you need to do is a bit of research on a comparison site and make sure you are clear on the terms of the contract.

  • Me and my used Peugeot 2008

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    November 12, 2015 /  Car Stuff

    I needed a car that would suit my family, which since 2011 has consisted of 5, me, my husband and 3 delightful children. At first our Fiesta was fine, but as the children grow we need a little more space especially if we are going on a trip as a family and need space for three in the back. So we began our hunt for the perfect car to suit all our needs, shortly after encouraging the hubbie that we couldn’t afford even a second hand Mercedes Benz G Class.


    Obviously the first thing on the list was to get a car that was bigger, seemed to be the most obvious, then of course there was the other big thing, the price! We considered the Dacia 4x4s for a while as they were really nice and cheap though before we actually got round to going and test driving one we decided to stop by the Peugeot dealership a couple of minutes away from our home. Not expecting much; we weren’t even sure if Peugeot did the kind of car we were after, we spotted a white SUV in the corner. It looked nice and like it would offer just the amount of space that we needed. We enquired and found out it was a second hand Peugeot 2008 from 2013 and it could be ours for under £10,000. This was a good price so we thought why not, lets have a little spin in it. Upon entering the vehicle it was obvious that there was more than enough space, regardless of how much the kids are going to grow over the next few years so the 2008 ticked that box. Furthermore, the drive was fine. All the cars paperwork was in order and with a bit of a rush of blood to the head we thought lets just do it and get it out the way, which is pretty normal for my husband, I on the other hand like to take my time when it comes to big purchases such as cars. This time however I was willing to follow his gung ho lead.

    A year down the line and I am pleased that we went with it, it isn’t quite as comfy as I had hoped whilst driving but it’s practicality is exactly what we were after and the kids love it. A friend of mine who owns a much more expensive second hand Mercedes Benz M Class can not believe the amount of car you get with the 2008 for the money, I sense she feels a bit cheated and claimed she cant see why there is such a difference in price between what are two pretty similar cars. It has even encouraged us to go on more trips away which is always a good thing, so I guess we owe some of our renewed family bonding to Peugeot. Thanks!

  • Chevrolet Lacetti Review

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    August 13, 2014 /  Car Stuff

    The people carrier concept is not appealing to everyone. There are many compromises involved despite the benefits. Handling is compromised and loadspace can be compromised as well. The compact estate can be a better solution. Chevrolet’s Lacetti boasts good levels of equipment, a reasonable amount of space, and a decent price without sacrificing all style.

    For people who don’t have children and who don’t need a lot of extra space the traditional estate car has much to offer. The compact estate is probably the most forgotten of all the classes despite the advantages associated with them. Chevrolet is quickly becoming a viable alternative to paying top dollar amounts for Ford and other major brands. Chevrolet is a relatively unheard of brand outside of North America. The Chevrolet Lacetti boasts good equipment levels and is very refined. The car delivers much more than expected making for a pleasant surprise. Buyers will not be disappointed in the car or its abilities. The Lacetti is a very viable alternative to an MPV for buyers who desire practicality but who don’t need the seating that an MPV delivers.


     The car comes with an inexpensive asking price, low insurance costs and decent fuel economy. These combine to make the Lacetti Station Wagon a relatively economical venture. The car should also prove to be reliable as well. The Lacetti Wagon provides a decent amount of room for its compact size. The rear seats split 60/40 and fold down to create a larger load space. The car comfortably seats four adults with plenty of head and legroom. The car should be fairly comfortable, even on longer trips. The car’s main dials are large and clear, while the centre console controls are easy to use. The lay-out is very simple and straightforward. The car’s controls all function well and do what they should, but they do feel a little out dated. The car provides more than adequate levels of comfort. At lower speeds, tyre, wind and engine noise are kept to a minimum. The cabin’s seats are very comfortable and head, leg and elbow room is more than adequate for both front and rear seat passengers.Access to the car’s cabin is very good for front seat passengers. The car’s doors open widely and shouldn’t pose a problem for most passengers. The rear seats are easy to access for most average sized passengers, but larger passengers may have more difficulty. Access to the car’s boot is excellent. The tailgate provides a large aperture and the load lip is low enough that loading cargo is easier. Parking the Lacetti is a relatively simple process. Light power steering coupled with good visibility helps out a lot, especially in tight spaces. Judging the car’s extremities is also easy and makes parking the Lacetti less of a worry.

     Life Style

    The Lacetti is designed to appeal to buyers with tighter budgets, but still manages to offer a lot even at bargain prices. The car’s steering boasts plenty of assistance but the overall feel is weightier than some of its rivals. The gearshift is smooth and driven sensibly the car delivers a smooth, quality ride. The 1.6 petrol engine functions well and only seems to struggle when pushed hard. The Lacetti Station Wagon could be used as a family car for a small family. makes a lot of sense. The car offers a more practical boot than a five-door hatch and could handle the responsibilities of family life quite well. The car would only work while the kids were small though and would be an inexpensive option for a young family. There are several features that make the Lacetti a good choice as a first car. It’s affordable, practical, smaller and easy to drive. The car may not be as stylish as other rival brands, but when the costs are added up it makes a lot of sense for a newly licensed driver. The Lacetti boasts solid build quality at an affordable price. The car’s cabin is comprised of decent materials and doesn’t look cheap with the exception of an over abundance of grey being used. Chevrolet, is not seen as a high-class brand and buyers will find the Lacetti appealing because of its price and solid build quality.

     Security and Safety

    The car’s standard safety features include an engine immobiliser, remote central locking plus a retractable cover for the load bay. Also included is the small but useful oddment tray under the front passenger seat. The stereo unit can also be removed as an extra deterrent. The car’s standard safety features include four airbags, twin front and side, front seat belts with pretensioners, and Isofix child seat mounting points in the back seats, and anti-lock brakes.

     The Finishing Touches

    The car’s standard audio system includes a decent set-up, even if it is slightly below the standards of its competitors. The system delivers adequate sound quality and includes steeringwheel mounted controls for the driver’s convenience. The car’s exterior looks more flattering in a light metallic hue. This will make the car more noticeable and give it a more expensive feel too. The cabin is comprised of mostly light grey plastics with light grey seats as well. This colour scheme seems to be the biggest telltale sign of the car’s budget origins.


     Chevrolet’s Lacetti Wagon offers a viabled alternative to the traditional small people carrier. For buyers who need more space than a conventional hatch the compact estate is a good alternative. The Lacetti’s low price and decent equipment levels provides excellent value for money.


  • My Favourite Coupes

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    July 22, 2014 /  Car Stuff

    Some manufacturers like to describe certain cars as ‘four-door couples’ but most people still see a coupe as a traditional two-door sports car that’s specifically designed for two people, even though it may have rear seats.  I have decided to compile a list of my favourite coupes in the current market.

    First is the Used Peugeot RCZ. It’s not like anything else from the French brand. It’s a great looking coupe and has the handling to match its looks.  The RCZ is a real head-turning car with its stylish, futuristic looks, not just this but it’s a really great car to drive, comfortable and relatively cheap to run and competitively priced.  The RCZ’s biggest rival is the Audi TT, but it’s cheaper than its premium rival and feels more spacious too. As you expect the back seats are tiny and can’t really fit two adults and it’s a shame that it’s not as prestigious as an Audi TT.

    The Used Volkswagen Scirocco is another competitor for the Peugeot RCZ and the Audi TT, although it has a more upright body shape meaning it’s more practical than both. It may not be able to match either on looks, but as a car the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Volkswagen has developed a name for itself as a builder of great interiors and the Scirocco keeps it intact with a very practical manner.  Like the other two cars mentioned the Scirocco continues with the uncomfortable small rear seats and also the boot is quick tricky to access.

    The Second Hand Audi TT which has been mentioned earlier is another favourite coupe of mine. The new shape has been around since 2006 and even the second-generation remains a beautiful piece of design and it still drives really well too. The TT isn’t the most practical on the road but few cars can match its blend of prestige, quality and comfort. The TT is also surprisingly cheap to run for this level of performance and driving thrills. The only downfalls with this car are the fact that you see so many of them on the road these days that they’re not as rare as they once were and as mentioned cramped rear seats and boots.

    Finally the Used BMW 2 Series Coupe makes the list. The 2 series is based on the 1 series hatchback and gets a slightly restyled front end compared to the hatchback. Although the coupe is only a 4 seater the boot than the hatchback. The coupe has sharper driving dynamics making it more fun to drive, with a selection of engines from the Second Hand BMW 1 series that offer a choice of performance or economy.  If I could pick faults with this car it would probably be that it has quite noisy diesel engines and that it only has 4 seats but compared to the other 3 then its definitely more spacious for rear seat passengers.

  • The Ideal family car

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    July 22, 2014 /  Car Stuff

    There are loads of potential family cars you can buy, but saying that it’s one of the most competitive sectors out there, with tons of different models to choose from. I thought I would make this task that slightly bit easier by giving the lowdown of what my ideal used family cars would be.

    Firstly I will go for one of the most obvious choices the second hand Volkswagen Golf, the main reasons being is that it’s practical, desirable and very nice to drive. The only negative for me is that it’s more expensive than its rivals, if of course you have a low budget. The next family car to make my list is the used Skoda Octavia, on paper this car is similar to the Golf, but slightly more spacious and feels more like a family-sized car, like the Golf this car is fairly pricey in comparison to some other rivals. Next to make my list is the second hand Kia Ceed this made the list due to it being generally nice to drive and comfortable at a much more reasonable price, although I don’t believe it’s exciting as some of the cars to make the list. The second hand Hyundai i30 is the next family car which has grabbed my attention, the main reasons being is that it’s a highly capable, well equipped, reliable and spacious vehicle. The downfall with this car is that I feel it has bland styling, on the inside and out and has an average feel when driving it. A worthy contender in this list is the Used Ford Focus the simple reason being is the way it drives and for me it’s in a class of its own compared to the other cars to make it in this list. Another positive point for me is the depreciations decrease from new meaning that it makes it a bargain used buy considering what you get with this car. The only fault I can give this car is that the sharp handling does give off a firm low-speed ride. Used Seat Leon is another family car which has caught my eye; the reason being is the shape and look of this vehicle, I really do think it’s a stunning car and up there with the Focus and Golf in that department. However, if we are judging this on being an ideal family car then space is a key ingredient and unfortunately this is not the case with the Leon especially in the rear and feel the boot space could also be more generous. In terms of looks and the way it drives this is definitely one to consider. Next on my list comes the Used Ford B-MAX, I think this car is perfect for a family I really do. I love the unique side door layout which makes access easy especially if you have young children and have 3 of them! The car seems to drive relatively well although the ride is a bit firm which isn’t ideal when it’s a family car and when on long drives. A very frustrating negative for me personally is the dash it’s quite fiddly and takes a while to get use too, other than that overall I think this car is great for a young large family. The last car to make my list is the Used Skoda Yeti and rightly so, this car is great for those with kids due to the cars spacious dynamics and the flexible seating system meaning that the rear bench can be folded down in order to make additional boot space.  One of the annoying things which let this car down is the noise the wind and roads make which you can really hear on the inside especially at higher speeds.

    Overall I think any of the 8 family cars I have spoken about are ideal for anyone looking in that particular market. If I had to pick my ideal family car I don’t think I could look past the Ford Focus, it simply has everything you would look for in a family car.


  • Quick Tips: MOT

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    October 10, 2013 /  Car Stuff

    If you own a vehicle which is more than three years old, you’ll know that having it MOT tested annually is a legal requirement. Additionally, a full service history is important if you want to recoup the maximum value possible should you ever come to sell the car.

    The problem for most people is that they’re not quite sure how much they should be paying for an MOT or service, or what constitutes a good deal.

    Here is a quick tip for saving £££s when booking your MOT or service – book online.

    Through the use of sites such as AutoVillage.co.uk and CarSite.co.uk, you can compare the prices offered by different service centres.

    It couldn’t be easier – all you have to do at a comparison site is enter the make and model of your vehicle as well as your postcode, the rest is done for you. A list of garages in your area will be generated, complete with comprehensive pricing information. It allows you to quickly and efficiently determine where you can get the cheapest deal for your car.

  • Used Or New?

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    February 19, 2013 /  Car Stuff

    One of the biggest questions a person faces when buying a car is whether they should purchase a new model or a used one. There are various arguments that can be made for both sides, and in many cases it just comes down to personal preferences.

    However, not everybody actually considers the full facts when purchasing a vehicle. They can be swayed by pretty colours, deceiving prices and conniving salesmen. Our aim is to provide you with some solid information which will hopefully allow you to make the right choice. In this case we’ve given our top reasons for buying a used car.



    With many other driving expenses to pay for such as road tax, MOT and servicing, insurance and fuel, why not save some money on the actual list price of your vehicle? You will pay a lot less for a second hand Fiat Punto car than a brand new Ford Fiesta.



    Remember that as soon as you purchase a new vehicle, it immediately becomes a used vehicle and as such you are certain to lose money should you come to sell it years down the line. Used cars depreciate much less quickly however; you could buy one and drive it for a year, then recoup nearly the full price you paid for it.


    Cheaper Parts

    Should you have an accident or a collision which is your fault, you may have to pay for a new bumper or something else. Used car parts are much cheaper than new ones.


    More Options

    There is significantly more choice when purchasing a used car. If you are set on a Ford Focus, there is only ever going to be one new model at a time where as you can choose from several different generations if you opt for a used one. If you are set on buying new but don’t want to pay it off in one go there are some great car loans out there that you can take out and pay back gradually on finance.



    Insuring a new vehicle can rather pricey, especially if it is a premium car such as a Mercedes or BMW. You will save £££s on the insurance premium for a used model.used-fiat-punto-013545370995227

  • Why Walk?

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    February 15, 2013 /  Car Stuff

    In modern society, almost everybody who is above the age of 17 is either learning to drive or has a license and owns a car. This has led to a vast reduction in the amount of walking that we as nation do compared with say, 50 years ago.

    It is all too easy to drive to places – you get there quicker, it isn’t tiring and you can relax to music from your stereo. But do we drive too much?

    At NAIT5 we are crazy about cars but even we believe that not enough walking takes place, so here are our top reasons for doing a little extra walking – even if it is just a few minutes a week.


    Walking is an excellent form of exercise and is good for your general health. You get little to no exercise sitting behind the wheel of a car, so get some fresh air.


    Walking saves plenty of money on fuel, so if you can walk then why don’t you? Considering all the other costs that come with driving, such as insurance, road tax and servicing as well as new car parts should you have an accident, saving money on fuel is important.

    Environmentally Friendly

    We all know that unless you drive an all-electric vehicle, you’ll be polluting the environment whenever you get behind the wheel. More walking means less CO2 in the atmosphere.

    Summer Time

    When the suns out in summer it’s the perfect chance to get out in that breeze and walk somewhere! Why would you want to get into the stuffy cabin of a Volkswagen Polo when you can stroll in your sunglasses?sunwalkerss