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    February 15, 2013 /  Car Stuff

    In modern society, almost everybody who is above the age of 17 is either learning to drive or has a license and owns a car. This has led to a vast reduction in the amount of walking that we as nation do compared with say, 50 years ago.

    It is all too easy to drive to places – you get there quicker, it isn’t tiring and you can relax to music from your stereo. But do we drive too much?

    At NAIT5 we are crazy about cars but even we believe that not enough walking takes place, so here are our top reasons for doing a little extra walking – even if it is just a few minutes a week.


    Walking is an excellent form of exercise and is good for your general health. You get little to no exercise sitting behind the wheel of a car, so get some fresh air.


    Walking saves plenty of money on fuel, so if you can walk then why don’t you? Considering all the other costs that come with driving, such as insurance, road tax and servicing as well as new car parts should you have an accident, saving money on fuel is important.

    Environmentally Friendly

    We all know that unless you drive an all-electric vehicle, you’ll be polluting the environment whenever you get behind the wheel. More walking means less CO2 in the atmosphere.

    Summer Time

    When the suns out in summer it’s the perfect chance to get out in that breeze and walk somewhere! Why would you want to get into the stuffy cabin of a Volkswagen Polo when you can stroll in your sunglasses?sunwalkerss

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