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    July 22, 2014 /  Car Stuff

    There are loads of potential family cars you can buy, but saying that it’s one of the most competitive sectors out there, with tons of different models to choose from. I thought I would make this task that slightly bit easier by giving the lowdown of what my ideal used family cars would be.

    Firstly I will go for one of the most obvious choices the second hand Volkswagen Golf, the main reasons being is that it’s practical, desirable and very nice to drive. The only negative for me is that it’s more expensive than its rivals, if of course you have a low budget. The next family car to make my list is the used Skoda Octavia, on paper this car is similar to the Golf, but slightly more spacious and feels more like a family-sized car, like the Golf this car is fairly pricey in comparison to some other rivals. Next to make my list is the second hand Kia Ceed this made the list due to it being generally nice to drive and comfortable at a much more reasonable price, although I don’t believe it’s exciting as some of the cars to make the list. The second hand Hyundai i30 is the next family car which has grabbed my attention, the main reasons being is that it’s a highly capable, well equipped, reliable and spacious vehicle. The downfall with this car is that I feel it has bland styling, on the inside and out and has an average feel when driving it. A worthy contender in this list is the Used Ford Focus the simple reason being is the way it drives and for me it’s in a class of its own compared to the other cars to make it in this list. Another positive point for me is the depreciations decrease from new meaning that it makes it a bargain used buy considering what you get with this car. The only fault I can give this car is that the sharp handling does give off a firm low-speed ride. Used Seat Leon is another family car which has caught my eye; the reason being is the shape and look of this vehicle, I really do think it’s a stunning car and up there with the Focus and Golf in that department. However, if we are judging this on being an ideal family car then space is a key ingredient and unfortunately this is not the case with the Leon especially in the rear and feel the boot space could also be more generous. In terms of looks and the way it drives this is definitely one to consider. Next on my list comes the Used Ford B-MAX, I think this car is perfect for a family I really do. I love the unique side door layout which makes access easy especially if you have young children and have 3 of them! The car seems to drive relatively well although the ride is a bit firm which isn’t ideal when it’s a family car and when on long drives. A very frustrating negative for me personally is the dash it’s quite fiddly and takes a while to get use too, other than that overall I think this car is great for a young large family. The last car to make my list is the Used Skoda Yeti and rightly so, this car is great for those with kids due to the cars spacious dynamics and the flexible seating system meaning that the rear bench can be folded down in order to make additional boot space.  One of the annoying things which let this car down is the noise the wind and roads make which you can really hear on the inside especially at higher speeds.

    Overall I think any of the 8 family cars I have spoken about are ideal for anyone looking in that particular market. If I had to pick my ideal family car I don’t think I could look past the Ford Focus, it simply has everything you would look for in a family car.


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