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    November 12, 2015 /  Car Stuff

    I needed a car that would suit my family, which since 2011 has consisted of 5, me, my husband and 3 delightful children. At first our Fiesta was fine, but as the children grow we need a little more space especially if we are going on a trip as a family and need space for three in the back. So we began our hunt for the perfect car to suit all our needs, shortly after encouraging the hubbie that we couldn’t afford even a second hand Mercedes Benz G Class.


    Obviously the first thing on the list was to get a car that was bigger, seemed to be the most obvious, then of course there was the other big thing, the price! We considered the Dacia 4x4s for a while as they were really nice and cheap though before we actually got round to going and test driving one we decided to stop by the Peugeot dealership a couple of minutes away from our home. Not expecting much; we weren’t even sure if Peugeot did the kind of car we were after, we spotted a white SUV in the corner. It looked nice and like it would offer just the amount of space that we needed. We enquired and found out it was a second hand Peugeot 2008 from 2013 and it could be ours for under £10,000. This was a good price so we thought why not, lets have a little spin in it. Upon entering the vehicle it was obvious that there was more than enough space, regardless of how much the kids are going to grow over the next few years so the 2008 ticked that box. Furthermore, the drive was fine. All the cars paperwork was in order and with a bit of a rush of blood to the head we thought lets just do it and get it out the way, which is pretty normal for my husband, I on the other hand like to take my time when it comes to big purchases such as cars. This time however I was willing to follow his gung ho lead.

    A year down the line and I am pleased that we went with it, it isn’t quite as comfy as I had hoped whilst driving but it’s practicality is exactly what we were after and the kids love it. A friend of mine who owns a much more expensive second hand Mercedes Benz M Class can not believe the amount of car you get with the 2008 for the money, I sense she feels a bit cheated and claimed she cant see why there is such a difference in price between what are two pretty similar cars. It has even encouraged us to go on more trips away which is always a good thing, so I guess we owe some of our renewed family bonding to Peugeot. Thanks!

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