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    Founded in 1924 by Cecil Kimber, MG has a long and varied history. Originally renowned for its classic British sports cars such as the MGA, the MGB and the Midget, the company was absorbed into British Leyland in the 1960s and later became part of the MG Rover Group. Following MG Rover’s collapse in 2005, the brand remained dormant; however, in 2011 the marque returned with a new model, the MG 6.

    The MG F (and its successor, the MG TF) are two of the most popular MG cars on the used market. A mid-engined two-seater convertible, the MG F was renowned for its good looks, decent performance and sports car handling. Launched in 1995, the MG F was replaced by the TF in 2002 and went out of production in 2005. Production was resumed in 2007, following Nanjing Auto’s buyout of MG; however, production finally ended in 2011.

    MG was also renowned for selling rebadged and tuned versions of the popular Rover cars of the time. The ZR (based on the Rover 25), the ZS (based on the Rover 45) and the ZT (based on the Rover 75) were all sold between 2001 and the company’s closure in 2005 and remain popular used buys.

    The MG 6 was launched in 2010 and is based on the Chinese Roewe 500, itself based on the old Rover 75. The MG 6 struggles to compete with the established names in the medium family car market; however, it suffers from weak residuals, making it a good second-hand choice.To find a great deal on a used MG near where you are, look no further than CarDealerLocator.co.uk.